Harcrest Homes Top Security Home Features

Harcrest Homes takes pride in building exceptional custom homes across the greater Atlanta region. With over 37 years of industry experience, the Georgia-based builder is committed to delivering award-winning designs, quality construction and personalized service. The builder’s top priority is creating unique, well-built homes with today’s leading design and security features!

The award-winning team curated a list of recommended home security features to include in your next custom build to ensure your home is designed to provide both peace of mind and protection for your family.

Keep a Watchful Eye

A smart home security system can integrate various devices into a unified network, including high-resolution cameras, motion sensors and smart locks. With high-definition and 4K resolution cameras, you can access crystal-clear video footage to identify potential threats and intruders. The system also allows remote access through a smartphone app or central hub, enabling you to monitor and control your home security from anywhere at any time.

Video doorbell cameras also offer the convenience of seeing and communicating with visitors at your front door using your smartphone. Additionally, motion-activated lights automatically illuminate when movement is detected, providing enhanced safety at night and discouraging potential intruders.

Control Your Home

Consider installing smart locks with keyless entry options, such as PIN codes and smartphone connectivity. This provides convenient access control and the ability to monitor and manage home entry remotely. Moreover, integrating your security devices with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enables effortless control through voice commands, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine.

Traditional home alarm systems, equipped with door/window sensors, motion detectors and loud sirens, effectively defend against intruders. In case of unusual activity or breaches, these systems send real-time mobile alerts and notifications to your smartphone, keeping you informed and in control of your home’s security.

Additionally, explore the possibilities of integrating your security systems with your home’s automation system. This will allow you to remotely control lights, thermostats and entertainment systems, providing comfort and convenience.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Opt for wireless security devices with easier installation and greater placement options than wired systems. Additionally, prioritize state-of-the-art fire and smoke detection systems for added safety, ensuring swift alerts to occupants and emergency services in the event of a fire.

For an extra layer of safety, consider incorporating gas and chemical detection sensors into your smart home security setup. This ensures the well-being of your family and property. 

With the latest home security trends integrated into your custom Harcrest home, you can rest assured that your loved ones and property are well-protected. Build a Home with our team today by contacting Harcrest Homes at 678-828-7151 or online today.

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