Energy Saving Tips from Georgia Power

It’s summertime in Georgia which means extreme heat. While hot summer days typically cause more energy usage in homes, this summer people may see an even bigger increase in their energy usage and bills as COVID-19 is keeping everyone closer to home rather than out and about. Georgia Power has some helpful tips on how to save energy and money during your extra hours at home this summer. Here’s a list we compiled of a few very helpful energy saving tips that are simple to implement:

Change your filters

Spring cleaning? More like year-round cleaning! We get it, cleaning or changing the air filters in your home may be the last thing on your to-do list or a task that simply escapes your mind. However, it is vital to clean or change the filters each month. Why? Simple: Dirty filters make more work for your equipment which in turn, leads to higher bills in the mail.

Give your laundry the cold shoulder

You’ve probably heard that you can take cold showers to save energy and the same is true for your clothes! Washing your laundry in cold water will save energy and money. Additionally, you should wash full loads and be careful to not pour in more detergent than you need as that actually makes your washing machine work harder.

Block the sun

This is a very small thing that can save a lot. In the summer, close your blinds and curtains at peak sunlight hours so the sun’s rays do not unwelcomingly heat up your home.

Raise the thermostat and utilize fans

We know what you’re thinking, “Why would I raise the thermostat in the middle of the summer?” The answer is that for each degree you raise your thermostat in the summer, there is 3-4% decrease in energy use. Georgia Power suggests setting the temperature at 78 degrees and utilizing fans in your home. Fans make a room feel 6 degrees cooler than it is. Keep the fan on only when you’re in the room and watch your energy usage decrease!

Install low flow showerheads and faucets

Low flow showerheads and faucet aerators reduce hot water usage by up to an astounding 50%. Installing these tools will help you conserve water and save money, a win-win!


You probably don’t realize it, but your house is haunted by a phantom: Phantom energy loss. Appliances still use energy when they are plugged in even though they are turned off. Unplug devices and equipment when you are not using them and/or invest in smart power strips and turn the whole strip off to save power.

Do not block vents

This tip could involve some redecorating. You may have a couch or bed or rugs covering vents in your home and, you guessed it, that is using more power and costing you more money. Unblock the vents so they can be free to do their job and so you can reap the maximum benefits of the air they are releasing.

We hope these energy saving tips are helpful and that you implement them to save yourself some money and power this summer. For more helpful tips like these, visit

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