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If you are looking for a new Atlanta home, Georgia Power’s portfolio of energy efficiency programs called, ‘EarthCents’ may help you to save money, energy and even the environment. EarthCents homes are built for comfort and energy savings, a perfect combination for any homebuyer.

The EarthCents program from Georgia Power features three prongs: a residential program, business program and a green energy program, which includes residential, commercial and industrial customers.

On the residential side, EarthCents new homes provide a better value for the new homeowner and the environment due to the energy efficient features installed in the home. These features include a ‘whole house’ approach to energy efficiency such as: properly installed insulation, duct work, weather-stripping on windows and doors. High efficiency cooling and heating equipment are also used.

To be qualified as an EarthCents new home, homes must pass a ‘HERS’ Home Energy Rating System audit, must be a Georgia Power customer and all of the heating and water systems in the home must be electric.

Home builders can benefit from building EarthCents homes as they can earn the distinction of being listed as an ‘energy efficient builder.’

Under the residential programs section of the website, homeowners are provided with helpful tools to help make home energy efficiency improvements to their homes. The green energy section offers benefits and tips for everyone!

Visit www.GeorgiaPower.com/EarthCents today to learn more about the energy efficiency possibilities available for your home!

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