“It’s all fun and games ‘til someone puts an eye out.”

While kids may retaliate with, “and then it’s just fun,” generations of moms have used the phrase to warn rowdy offspring against rough play.

Generations of insurance agents probably feel the same about people with swimming pools, swing sets and trampolines in their back yards. After all, if someone gets seriously injured or problems occur, they’re among the first to receive a call.

The Equifax Personal Finance Blog offers information on insurance coverage for the outdoor amenities that increase both summer fun and liability. In her article, “

Summer Toys: Insuring Your Pool, Trampoline, or Boat,”  insurance expert Linda Rey encourages homeowners to think realistically about the possibilities of accidents occurring and to be prepared.

Rey lists three types of insurance coverage, which you’ll need to discuss further with your insurance agent: property damage, liability insurance and umbrella coverage. Property damage coverage is probably suited more to summer toys like boats and RVs. Rey says underground pools probably are not covered under a regular homeowner’s policy because “earth movement” is usually excluded. Above ground pools may be covered under “other structures.”

Liability insurance is there for times when a family member or guest is injured while using your outdoor toys. It will help you if medical bills or even legal bills occur. If you carry umbrella liability coverage, you’ll need to make sure your outdoor toys are included.

For families with trampolines, Rey has a special warning. Make sure your homeowner’s insurance policy covers a trampoline. Because of the risks, some do not, and they may even cancel or decline to renew your policy if you have one on your property. In this case, check with your carrier before you buy!

For complete details, check out the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, where experts regularly post informative articles to help Atlanta homeowners protect their assets.

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