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If you’re familiar with the Atlanta real estate industry or have ever seen an episode of Atlanta’s Best New Homes, then you might be familiar with the stunning work of The Interior Partners. The Atlanta interior design firm, founded by partners Cindi MacPherson and and Ashley Norred, specializes in model home merchandising, residential interior design, sales center and clubhouse design and commercial space design. Many of the model homes showcased on Atlanta’s Best New Homes have been merchandised by The Interior Partners, who are continually showing their flair for creating inviting environments.

Home design is much more than choosing a color scheme and running with it. The model home needs to reflect the home’s potential buyers and their tastes. The residential, personal home project needs to reflect the preferences and personality of the home owner, while also creating a maximized living space that feels more open, brighter and “just fits.”

If you’re interested in learning more about The Interior Partners’ creative process, details on the principles of design, current interior design trends and the company’s other breathtaking projects, then be sure to like their Facebook page. The Interior Partners’ social media pages break down important elements of design, including space, color, light, balance, lines, shape, texture and scale with examples of their work applied to real model homes. If you’re feeling uneasy or skeptical about a new trend, The Interior Partners show how it can be incorporated into a home.

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The Interior Partners was founded in 2007. After a long relationship as friends and colleagues, MacPherson and Norred brought to life their vision of creating a boutique-style design firm with individual attention to each client and project. Each day, The Interior Partners and their team practice the company’s mission to “provide a professionally designed environment that exceeds the client’s needs and desires.” For more information on The Interior Partners, visit

the interior partners