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Denim Marketing’s Vice President of Client Services Courtney Stewart interviews Founder and President Carol Morgan on the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast. The duo turns back the clock to 1999 and celebrates the 25th anniversary of Denim Marketing.

Growing up, Morgan always knew she wanted to own a company. After attending college and falling in love with public relations, she worked in public relations for Atlanta Botanical Garden, Zoo Atlanta, and a marketing firm specializing in real estate for her first 10 years out of school. Having her first and only child caused Morgan’s professional needs to shift as family responsibilities increased. Thus, Denim Marketing was born!

Morgan said, “I went out on my own initially as a freelancer. I guess now you can see 25 years later we’ve grown into much more than just me! It’s probably the best thing I ever did.”

From its first year in 1999, Denim Marketing has maintained its approach to focusing on client’s needs.  The agency aims to provide clients with a personalized fit, customizing solutions and maintaining responsiveness. The key to success for the agency is its ability to work together with clients and act as an extension of its in-house team for a seamless working relationship. 

In marketing, change is constant, especially with the technology changes in 20 years. Services, however, changed a great deal over the years. In 1999, the internet was still taking off and social media did not exist. Morgan shared that she used to mail press releases! Flashing forward to 2024, the agency offers a wide range of services, including strategic marketing, public relations, reputation management, campaigns, blogging, branding, advertising and social media.

Morgan said, “You look at how quickly it has changed, and how much more we can do and how much faster you can move… It has changed enormously.”

When asked about her leadership style and how it contributes to the company’s success, Morgan shared that she aims to hire employees who constantly seek to learn and take initiative. This way of moving the company forward allows Morgan and her agency to build long-term, successful relationships with clients and the constant changes faced by the industry.

Over the next decade, Morgan predicts the agency will continue working within the homebuilding space while embracing change and implementing new tools, such as AI, into its services.

Morgan said, “It’s a continued focus on being a market leader, and being seen as [one] as far as our vision [and] thought leadership in the real estate space.” 

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A special thank you to Denim Marketing for sponsoring Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Known as a trendsetter, Denim Marketing has been blogging since 2006, podcasting since 2011 and is currently working on strategies for the Google Helpful Content update and ways to incorporate AI into sales and marketing. Contact them when you need quality, original content for social media, public relations, blogging, email marketing and promotions. A comfortable fit for companies of all shapes and sizes, Denim Marketing understands marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all. The agency works with your company to create a perfectly tailored marketing strategy that will adhere to your specific needs and niche. Try Denim Marketing on for size by calling 770-383-3360 or by visiting


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