Reimagine Selling Value Map App demonstration

Reimagine Selling®, a real estate and new home sales training company, is revolutionizing high-ticket sales with its Value Map® cloud-based app. Specifically, associates in home sales find success utilizing the only program in the homebuilding and real estate industries that is entirely focused on both high-ticket selling theory and high-ticket selling techniques.

“I have no problem saying that there isn’t a sales program as good at producing results,” Kolter Homes President Bob Rademacher said. “There isn’t a person that understands high-ticket selling [homes] as well as Rick, and I’ve seen them all.”

The Value Map selling theory is the first and only sales process to focus on the skills most closely associated with success when selling new homes. At its core, the Value Map process is based on a customer’s everyday life and how they live rather than just focusing on a customer’s immediate needs and problems.

This innovative process is based on research compiled from over 20 of the world’s leading sales organizations for nearly a 40-year period. In a 2-year study, 67% of customers that completed the Value Map process purchased a home.

Alternatively, associates averaged a 19% first-year increase in total sales and a 28% increase in customers “More Likely” to refer after beginning the Value Map process. The Value Map steadily produces three to five times the national averages regarding sold to traffic ratios and overall satisfaction, based on competitive information available.

Furthermore, the Value Map itself serves as a real-time research tool by allowing users to utilize current AND previous customer responses.

“Every time a customer completes the Value Map, the app actually captures all their responses to use in future marketing and customer follow-up,” Reimagine Selling President and Founder Rick Heaston said. “This is real-time research that is applicable to each individual builder’s product and their unique target consumer.”

In addition to utilizing the Value Map app for direct selling, Reimagine Selling home builders and real estate sales teams also use the real-time research platform for other components of home sales including product design, website message and visuals, sales office design, sales displays, collateral design, advertising and social events.

“Our goal is to equip home builders and Realtors with the world’s most remarkable high-ticket selling tools, so they are able to make a difference in the lives of the customers they serve,” Heaston said. “It’s all about helping associates interact with customers so they can help them make the ‘most-perfect decision’ possible.”real

The Value Map creates a word picture of what value means to each homebuyer. This provides a reference point for them to compare and rate the home and community on how well it matches what they are looking for. The Value Map app and the salesperson walk the buyer through the process of defining value, evaluating alternatives, discussing and deciding their decision.

“With the Value Map app identifying the elements that are most important to the customer, new home builders and resale agents can now hone on both the customer’s recognized and unrecognized needs, problems, impacts and benefits to make the sale,” Heaston said.

Value Map pricing is available for real estate sales teams as small as one to three agents and as large as 16 to 50 agents or more. Custom pricing is also available. Schedule a demo by visiting For more information, call 303-549-4494 or email

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