Sara Schiller with Sloomoo Institute

Sara Schiller, co-founder of Sloomoo Institute, joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to chat about starting a sensory entertainment experience centered around slime. Schiller joins host Carol Morgan on the Around Atlanta segment to discuss Atlanta’s newest immersive hotspot and how they worked with terra alma to find the perfect location.

Schiller is known for her company MEET which reinvented meeting spaces and produced fun and creative places where companies could go to reimagine their products and strategies. With a background working with hotels in real estate marketing and brand strategy, Schiller holds an MBA in general business and considers herself a serial entrepreneur.

The Sloomoo Institute is a playground centered around slime! While slime may be the main character, it is not the only #satisfying attraction that the Sloomoo Institute offers. Stations for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) are set up throughout the space to encourage families to leave their phones behind and connect their bodies with their minds.

Schiller said, “Sloomoo is truly an experience!”

With eight different textures and 60 scents, the Sloomoo Institute has officially reimagined slime. Schiller and her team call the institute’s slime “artisanal” because it is handmade in Atlanta within the Sloomoo space.

Schiller said, “This space is for the child at heart.”

Atlanta was always high on partners Karen Robinovitz and Sara Schiller’s list of potential locations, which led them to Edie Weintraub with terra alma. Being an expert in experiences and commercial real estate, Weintraub partnered with the Sloomoo team find the perfect space and bring their immersive experience to life.

Schiller said, “Edie was great at identifying the key spaces that would fit our needs!”

At the Sloomoo Institute, guests can experience various exciting activities, including walking on 500 gallons of slime, slingshot slime with family and friends and standing under a slime waterfall! The most popular attraction is the DIY bar, which is included with every ticket. The DIY bar allows ticket holders the fun experience of creating a customized slime using different scents, textures and colors.

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