power outletsDespite the extreme efforts of some, most of us have succumbed to the technological whirlwind that encompasses our everyday lives. It is not unusual to find several smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and all of the electrical cords that go with them, within a single household. If this sounds familiar, then try a few of these tips to tame your tech clutter before your custom built home in Augusta or anywhere else becomes a tangled, electric jungle!

The kitchen is often the most used room in the house. This is why kitchen counters often become a charge station of sorts, leaving cords to take up precious counter space. To fix this clutter problem, try investing in a simple multiple-outlet adapter, which generally offers up to six electrical outlets. Unlike a traditional power strip, this adapter won’t take up your counter space. Another good trick is to hide your charger cords until you need them by putting them in a drawer, cabinet or basket.

Another great tip to keep your home office and/or entertainment center in-check, is to use a cord control kit to streamline all of your wires in other rooms of your new Augusta home. Cord kits can be easily found online, at www.onestepahead.com, a parent planning website, or at home stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. Cord sets feature plastic flex tubing that neatly conceals your wires for you. Of course, for a more economical and eco-friendly idea, you can try cutting the toe out of a stretchy trouser sock and placing it over the wires for a similar effect.

If you choose to use a power strip for your makeshift power station, try labeling each of your wires with color coded tape or file folder labels. This will make it easier to find the cord you need quickly. Some home owners have found that setting up a charge station near the front door in the foyer is a great place to create a charge station for household electronics that get transported in and out of the house. A great way to effectively do this is to refurbish a cheap table, set-up all of your chargers in a drawer (color coding or labeling each one), drill a hole in the back for the cords to neatly hang down and then use a power strip or multiple-outlet adapter to plug them in. Then violá! You have a discreet and clutter free charge station for your home!

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