As with many organs, the eyes change with age. Cells in the retina decline and colors become less intense; because of this, the contrast level between colors is not as high. Blues and greens are particularly more difficult to see properly. This being said, it is quite common and helpful for people to make good use of lighting and warm, contrasting colors as they age.

Lighting and color selections are key in making the daily life of someone with aging eyes easier. Consider using warm lighting in every room. Some people even like to use a red night light in dark halls and bathrooms instead of a standard night light.

When it comes to color, try to stick with shades that have high contrast with your furniture. Do you have a dark espresso leather sofa? Paint you walls with a lighter and warmer color such as PPG Porter Paints Summer Wheat ATC-87. This will help you distinguish between objects. Keep this rule of thumb in mind throughout your home. Use contrasting colors between your wall and your bed-side lamp, between your kitchen plates and your countertop, etc. You’ll find it much easier to navigate your home if furniture and accessories don’t “fade” into the walls.

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