Suwanee Georgia

Appearing twice in the Money Magazine list for 50 Best Places to Live, Suwanee is a beautiful Gwinnett County city. Are you interested in calling this gorgeous Southern city home? Storage Cafe ranks Suwanee as on its top 100 best places for suburban living. Suwanee ranks as the top Georgia suburb with a city vibe and is sixth on the Storage Cafe List, thanks to a combination of features such as housing diversity, a dynamic business sector, and a good reputation for education, while amenities like shops and restaurants are found around every corner.

The ranking is based on an analysis of the U.S.’s 900+ communities with populations between 10K and 100K in the 100 largest metropolitan areas using 20 metrics ranging from residential landscape, safety, business environment, population density, education, shopping and dining amenities, health-related indicators, transportation options, and more.

Population Growth

Although possessing a “small-town” feeling, citizens prize community involvement and interaction, leading to staggering population increases. Over the past decade, the city’s population doubled in size, taking it from a snoozing piece of paradise to a historic town discovering new heights. The town regularly updates its Facebook and Instagram pages to offer its residents daily updates on festivals, town expansions and more. 

The city’s current population of 20,444 residents enjoys fantastic access to nearby employment opportunities, including Walmart, Atlanta Flooring Design Centers, Millennium Mat Company, Gwinnett County Public Schools and Price Industries. Nearness to major roadway I-85 connects Suwanee residents to the City of Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for convenient travel and entertainment options.

Going Green

For homebuyers who place sustainability and eco-friendly features at the top of their homebuying wish list, Suwanee is the ideal place to settle. The City Hall received an official LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council! The art-deco Town Hall features open green landscapes to replace cold, hard buildings and provides a “community front yard,” a 10-acre park for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The city is known for its packed list of vibrant green spaces and iconic local flora, so it comes as no surprise that of the roughly 10 square miles incorporated as Suwanee, more than 500 acres are devoted to recreational outdoor environments and parkland. For a complete list of Suwanee public green spaces, click here.

Harvest Farm is a local green enterprise that offers educational resources and garden access to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle among Suwanee citizens. The far is located off White Street Park and prides itself on donating food and supplies to local food banks and organizations. For more information, visit their website!

Arts and Festivals

Alongside supporting sustainable and healthy lifestyles, the City of Suwanee also boosts its local art community. Held each September, the annual Suwanee Day Festival offers residents and visitors a creative adventure complete with eclectic and traditional art, music and entertainment.

The city’s Suwanee SculpTour is the perfect way to explore the local art scene! Featuring brick, stone, aluminum, fiberglass, bronze, glass, vinyl and plastic installations, the kid-friendly Parker’s Passport offers an innovative way to explore the Suwanee art culture. Sculptures change bi-annually courtesy of the Suwanee Public Arts Commission and private donations. Each year, residents vote online to determine which piece of the annual display will be a permanent town fixture!

Suwanee Homes

Are you ready to call Suwanee your new home? The Suwanee housing market offers potential residents a diverse selection of single-family residences and townhomes for families and individuals. 

Selling homes from the high $400,000s, The Providence Group is currently seeking homeowners for Suwanee Towneship, which boasts two- and three-story townhomes. The builder is also selling single-family homes and townhomes from the $500,000s at Harvest Park.

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