Chathambilt Homes Celebrates 75 years

A family legacy that began in 1948, Chathambilt Homes celebrates 75 years of building a legacy.  Started by Howard and Grace Chatham with sheer dedication and vision, the Chatham family has become the history and the future of Atlanta’s real estate landscape. Atlanta Real Estate Forum wishes all the Chathams a very happy 75th anniversary!

“To succeed in residential development, you need a strong foundation that can last through good times and bad,” says David Chatham, President of The Chatham Company. “We’ve built that through faith in God and an incredible group of staff associates, Realtors, builders and vendors.”

Chatham 75th Anniversary Howard and Grace Chatham built their first home in north Atlanta in 1948. They worked side-by-side in the evenings for seven months after finishing their day jobs. They dug the well by hand. They carved out the basement with a slip scoop and a mule. At night, they worked by the light of Ford headlamps.

When a passerby offered a high price for the house, Howard initially refused but later accepted on the condition that Grace and he could rent the basement while building another home on the adjacent lot. Before they moved into that second house, it also sold. Howard sold his family’s first home twice! In return, he got a business that would carry the Chathams into the future.

As they enter their 75th year, the Chatham family remains committed to their legacy – investing, selling, building or buying homes for their clients.

The Chatham Company business now spans three generations. Under the leadership of David Chatham, Howard’s son, and the involvement of David’s sons – Gabe, Myles and Lance – the Chatham Holdings Corporation has extended its reach to include every facet of real estate.

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The Chatham Company’s family of businesses encompasses:

Chathambilt Homes: Having crafted over 5,500 custom homes across Atlanta, these residences are the epitome of luxury, seamlessly blending contemporary trends with classic designs.

Chatham Neighborhoods: This division has meticulously developed over 175 residential communities, making a mark with exceptional streetscapes and luxurious amenities. Not to mention putting together builder teams comprised of many of Atlanta’s top custom builders.

The Chatham Company Brokerage: Expanding beyond upscale homes and neighborhoods, the brokerage firm has facilitated the sale of hundreds of thousands of homes via its vast network of real estate professionals.

The Chathams consistently demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and unparalleled service. “Our clients are more than transactions – they’re family,” asserts Myles Chatham, Vice President of Chathambilt Homes.

Over the years, Chathambilt Homes has garnered numerous accolades. The roster includes the Southern Living Custom Builder of the Year, the Southern Living Cornerstone Award, and three Atlanta Family Business awards, among many others. Howard and David have been honored with the Lewis B. Cenker Lifetime Achievement awards. Signifying their industry leadership, David and Gabe have also held the position of President of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. In a crowning moment for 2023, David was inducted into the Home Builders Association of Georgia Hall of Fame.

As Chathambilt Homes celebrates 75 Years, its mantra remains clear and resonant: Lighting the way home.

Tune into our Legacy of Real Estate episode with David Chatham to learn more about Three Generations of Chatham Neighborhoods.

About The Chatham Company

The Chatham Company, a renowned family-owned real estate business in north Atlanta, is marking its 75th anniversary. Established in 1948, the company boasts a legacy of facilitating home-buying for countless individuals, standing as a testament to its commitment, hard work, and integrity. The Chatham Company treats every client as an extension of their family, ensuring a top-tier real estate experience. As they move into their third generation of service, their dedication remains unflinching, anchored by the motto ‘lighting the way home.’ For more information on the Chatham Company, visit or call 678-878-1219.

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