MarketNsight Provides Answers on Where to Build in Atlanta

The real estate industry is constantly changing and evolving. John Hunt, founder of MarketNsight and ViaSearch, joins Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to share housing industry knowledge and predictions on the All About Real Estate segment. Hunt has more than 25 years of experience conducting quantitative and qualitative research in the housing industry. According to[...]

Metrostudy Talks Atlanta Housing in 2017

Eugene James, Director for Metrostudy, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick for the All About Real Estate segment on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio to discuss current trends in the Atlanta housing market. Metrostudy is a consulting firm specializing in providing primary and secondary market information to the housing and residential construction industry, helping builders and bankers to increase revenue. According[...]

Housing Economy Experts to Speak at GSU Conference

This week’s Around Atlanta edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio spotlights an upcoming event at Georgia State University (GSU). On February 22, GSU will host the Economic Forecasting Conference where housing economy experts will weigh in on how the new presidency will affect the housing industry and where the industry is projected to go. Attendees will hear presentations by: Rajeev Dhawan,[...]

Inaugural MarketWatch Atlanta to Discuss Trump’s Potential Influence on Housing Market

Join industry experts Dr. Rajeev Dhawan and John Hunt on Friday, December 9 at MarketWatch Atlanta as they discuss President Elect Donald Trump’s policies and the potential influence they will have on the 2017 housing market and overall economy. Both recognized for their predictive insights into the housing industry and economy, Dr. Rajeev Dhawan works at the Georgia State Economic Forecasting[...]

2015 Housing Starts End Year Up 10.8 Percent, Permits Up 12 Percent

According to newly released figures from HUD and the U.S. Commerce Department, nationwide housing starts increased 10.8 percent to 1.11 million units in 2015. Single-family starts posted a yearly gain of 10.4 percent to 715,000 units. "These numbers are in line with what our members are telling us that housing markets are improving, but lot and labor shortages continue to be[...]

Morgan Stanley’s Investor Pulse Poll Discussed on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio

David Skid, executive director of Vantage Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, joins our hosts Todd Schnick and Bryan Nonni to discuss Morgan Stanley’s Investor Pulse Poll. The Poll is conducted regularly and surveys high net-worth investors between the ages of 25 and 75 that have invested $100,000 or more. The Poll compiles information from this demographic on a variety of[...]