There are a lot of warnings that Social Security as we know it will run out before members of Generation X can enjoy it. These dire predictions make it more important to plan and

budget for retirement as if government assistance won’t be available. Retirement experts of the Equifax Finance Blog offer tips for setting aside for a comfortable retirement in the new article, “

How to Retire If Social Security Is Not Available.”

Whether you want to retire in style with world travel and an Atlanta new home or just want to have a quiet place to relax and indulge your hobbies, there are a couple of big plans to work on for a retirement without social security:

  • Save money – this one is obvious, but if you had plans of social security adding to your future retirement savings, it is time to rethink your saving strategy. Spending less and embracing the culture of saving money will make retirement and big purchases, from cars to real estate, much easier. Use programs like targeted goals or automatic savings deposit to help yourself stay on track.
  • Invest – saving alone may not be enough to meet your retirement goals. Making investments can help your money grow in ways that keeping your nest egg under your mattress or in a low-yield savings account cannot. Investing is inherently risky, so you should consult a financial planner for the best way to build aretirement portfolio

    that will help your money grow to reach your goals.

The full article has additional tips for saving without government help. Check out the Equifax Finance Blog to read them as well as frequently-updated articles on real estate, credit, retirement, taxes and more.

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