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Brad and Michael Cooper with Blue River Development, LLC  join the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to chat about the development of 1,000 lots in Henry County, including Symphony Park, the company’s brokerage service and what’s next! The Cooper brothers join host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment.

An industry member for over 20 years, Brad started his career working for President of Touchstone Homes Bryan Cohen in land acquisition. After leaving his first position, he co-founded Capital Partners Development Company and forged partnerships with Marty Kennedy and other industry groups. After unwinding Capital Partners Development Company and working for NAI Brannen Goddard, Brad co-founded Blue River Capital Development nine years ago.

Michael Cooper said, “We grew up in Gwinnett County, and we’ve been native to Atlanta for our entire growth of entrepreneurship.”

A former member of the United States Navy, Michael Cooper completed a tour at Top Gun Naval Airstrike Warfare Center and gained valuable insight into the importance of systems-based operations in a high-stress environment. After leaving the Navy, Michael started an accounts receivable management firm where he applied his knowledge of systems-based processes to the finance industry. His long history in finance provided him with a wealth of knowledge to lean on as he progressed throughout his career, forging innovative developments and evolution.

In 2013, Michael joined his brother and combined his passion for systems-based operations with Brad’s passion for the homebuilding and development industry. The result? A Top Gun approach to developing land that is highly systemized. 

“It’s been great because Michael and I are the perfect marriage. Not only are we brothers and best friends, but our skill sets are very different but also very aligned,” Brad said. “Very few people in this industry are systemized at their approach to acquiring land.”

Blue River Development, LLC is a nationally recognized Atlanta-based firm that is an industry leader in land sales and development. Led by the talented Cooper Brothers team, the company contains more than 20 years of valuable experience and directly impacts the communities it serves through development, acquisition and philanthropic contributions.

With 1,000 lots in progress in Henry County, the company is currently developing Symphony Park. The community consists of 499 residential units, which include a mix of multi-family apartments, single-family attached and detached townhomes. The mixed-residential community uniquely includes built-in retail with proximity to a local Publix supermarket. In addition, the company has entered the Charlotte, North Carolina market where they are developing two communities. 

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