Robert Beckwith joins Blue River Development as Land Acquisition Manager

From digital solutions to land development — In a strategic move to strengthen its land acquisition capabilities, Blue River Development, LLC announces the appointment of Robert Beckwith as Land Acquisition Manager. Transitioning from a successful career in software sales to a more tangible and rewarding path in real estate, Beckwith has chosen to apply his problem-solving expertise and forward-thinking approach to land development.

Just three months into the role, Beckwith has made significant strides by writing 14 letters of intent, with two properties currently under control and a third expected imminently. His methodical approach to sourcing and scrutinizing listings demonstrates his commitment to the industry and his ability to establish strong relationships with national and regional home builders.

“Robert’s seamless assimilation into the industry paralleled with his technological background, has allowed Blue River Development to innovate and future-proof operations,” said Managing Partner Michael Cooper. “Beckwith plays a critical role in standardizing and scaling the team through tech integration.”

Beckwith’s leap into real estate was fueled by a long-standing friendship with Blue River Development’s leaders, Brad and Michael, who have been constants since childhood and whose families remain closely knit. This relationship, combined with an appreciation for the company’s reputable standing in the market, gave Beckwith the confidence to transition industries.

“I’ve always admired the complexity of real estate and the problem-solving it entails,” said Beckwith. “Blue River Development offers me a unique opportunity to tap into a market ripe with potential. I’m grateful to Brad and Michael for shepherding me through this process and excited to contribute to the company’s growth.”

Blue River Development is excited to have Robert Beckwith on board, recognizing his ability to establish suitable protocols, foster relationships, and replicate success systematically. As the real estate industry evolves, Beckwith’s innovative perspective and diligent work ethic will be significant assets to Blue River Development’s future ventures.

A Georgia State University alumni and resident of Forsyth County, Beckwith balances his professional endeavors with his passion for golf, fitness and spending time with his three children.

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