Atlanta Property Management Company Continues Expansion

Beacon Management Services is pleased to announce that they are managing Brasfield Overlook, a commercial office development within the Glenwood Park mixed-use community located between Grant Park and East Atlanta Village. Glenwood Park was developed by Green Street Partners as an award-winning live, work, play environment with a mix of earth-friendly housing, retail stores, office space, people-friendly streets, parks and recreational facilities. The Urban Land Institute named Glenwood Park Development of the Year in 2006.

Brasfield Overlook is a 30,000 square foot building that was originally the home of Williams Brothers Concrete, a long-standing business in the area. The building was purchased in shell condition and then adapted into an office condominium with units for sale that range from 800 to 11,000 square feet. By dramatically changing the exterior of the building, they allowed it to blend naturally into this well-known community.

“We’re so pleased to manage this unique development,” said Steve Weibel, CEO of Beacon Management Services. “Glenwood Park mirrors our own business philosophy: resource efficiency, environmental protection and historic restoration. Because of its unique character and easy access, Brasfield Overlook at Glenwood Park has become a popular business destination.”

Glenwood Park retailers and businesses include Absolute Body Symmetry, Relish Salon, Drip Coffee Shop, Kevin Rathbun’s Gunshow Restaurant, Vickery’s Bar& Grill, The Shed at Glenwood, The Body Well Wellness Center, J. Linder Design and Consultants, Bloom & Grow, Baby Love, Dance 411 Foundation, The Music Class and many more.

Beacon Management Services LLC is a leading Atlanta property management company which offers comprehensive solutions to residential, multifamily and mixed-use properties throughout the Southeast.

There are many benefits to working with Beacon, including:

  1. We can help reduce your operating costs. We’ve saved two of our largest clients more than $300,000, and we have negotiated 30 percent off of the insurance premiums for another client. And, Beacon discovered that one association was paying double what it should have for utilities. By reducing our client’s expenses in areas such as insurance, administrative costs, construction projects, concierge services, janitorial services, landscaping and ongoing maintenance, we are able to offset some, or all, of our management fees.
  2. Jumpstart your property values by using best practices. We take the issue of property values very seriously. After all, your home or condominium may be your largest asset. After the Great Recession, we developed better ways to serve our customers. It’s statistically proven that well-managed communities appreciate more in value that those that do not.
  3. We run your association like a business. Why should the operation of your association be any different than a well-run business? One of Beacon’s key objectives has been to help the management industry break out from the dark ages by making productivity a key performance indicator. We think technology and automated systems are good for business, as well as the environment.
  4. Our clients are our fans. Just ask them, or read their comments on our website from real customers that like what we do for them. We can give you excellent references from every property we manage. And, we put in place written service deliverables that can be measured and accounted for.

For more information contact Lisa Simmons Weibel at (404) 308-3188 or visit

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