We use electronic devices for everything nowadays. From paying bills online to balancing checkbooks with an app, our sensitive information is more accessible than ever before. Unfortunately, that fact also makes our smart phones and laptops prime targets for identity thieves. If you’re planning on traveling this summer, chances are you won’t be leaving your favorite electronics behind. As a recent post on the FreeScore blog points out, being alert and tech savvy can save your dream vacation from turning into a nightmare.

In “Stay Vigilant Against Identity Theft While Relaxing on Vacation,” the credit experts at FreeScore offer two great tips for keeping your sensitive data safe while traveling

Always be aware of your devices. Smart phones, laptops, tablets and flash drives are just a few examples of technology we feel naked without. And while most of us would never walk out of the house without clothing, it’s amazing how many of us leave behind technology. A Texas-based data security company discovered that more than 11,000 laptops, tablets, smart phones and the like were left behind at airports alone. So whether you’re waiting at the gate or lying on the beach, be sure and do a quick inventory check before heading to your next destination. After all, the information stored on your iPhone could ruin more than just your vacation if it falls into the wrong hands.

Don’t assume that free WiFi is safe WiFi. While finding a free Internet connection is nice, it’s even better when you know that the connection is secure. Unfortunately, identity thieves will set up fake networks, allowing them to grab your information when you log on. Be sure that any WiFi connection you use is legitimate before trying to access it.

By following these tips, you can avoid the headaches of identity theft during your summer vacation and throughout the year. For even more peace of mind, visit FreeScore.com. FreeScore offers the Power of 3: credit scores, monitoring, and alerts at the three major credit bureaus. If somebody tries opening a new account in your name, FreeScore will notify you so you can take immediate action. With self-awareness and the Power of 3, you can enjoy your vacation relaxing instead of worrying.

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