Atlanta real estate design trendsWelcome back to the insider’s edition of PPG Porter Paint’s color trends!

Click right into our last and final trend with a fashionable, yet futuristic look. The Modernist Tech trend rejects any outdated aspects of life and seeks a new, sleek vision for living. It’s cool and precise without feeling too cold. It’s chic without feeling snobby.  How is it possible to achieve all of that with one look? Use blocks of black and white against near-primary hues. Add shades of concrete-gray as a midway point to bridge the two types of color. Gray, in this case, will provide a bit of warmth and sophistication!

A lack of excessiveness makes individual design elements shine in this trend.  Your grandma’s spoon, doll and glass collection will have to go!

Fluid objects help to make this trend look very futuristic. Forget the standard desk with legs at 90 degree angles from the table. Instead, think of one piece of plastic, flowing from the top shelf, spiraling down to create a writing surface and flowing down one more curve to the base.

The Modernist Tech trend also focuses attention on lighting, but with a twist. Try lighting in places you would have never considered. Maybe some LED strands below your tables to give them a mysterious glow from the inside!

Remember, Atlanta real estate design is all about you. When you’re looking at trends, pull pieces from them and add your own spin. If you don’t feel like yourself in a space, you can’t possibly feel comfortable!

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