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Owens Corning’s Market Development Manager in the residential insulation department, Adria Aldridge, is today’s All About Real Estate guest on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. This new department was created just 12 short months ago, allowing Owens Corning to develop a stronger relationship with residential builders.

Owens Corning, which recently celebrated its 75th birthday, is the largest manufacturer of insulation products in the world. The company also makes building materials, and it is most known for the vibrant pink color that covers most of its products, as well as its Pink Panther mascot. In addition to making insulation and building materials, such as shingles, the company also makes fiberglass, which can be found on boat hulls, tanks and in cars. Owens Corning also makes 85 percent of the insulation found in household appliances, and this insulation is responsible for making them quiet and efficient!

Today, many things are changing the way houses are built, and these changing factors also affect the trends seen in building products. Codes are more aggressive, and it’s sometimes hard for builders to keep up with the many changes. The state of Georgia is currently using the building codes developed in 2009, and the state plans to integrate a new code in the coming months. With the code change, it will cost metro Atlanta home builders about $5,000 to upgrade each home to meet the new requirements!

In addition to code changes, high performance certifications and rigorous testing parameters also affect the way homes are built. LEED, ENERGY STAR, net zero and other certifications are encouraging more builders to build high-efficiency homes with little to no impact on the environment. Testing parameters, such as HERS ratings, determine the energy efficiency of a home, and they can also pinpoint areas where homes need help in reducing wasted or lost energy. These tests also encourage builders to construct tighter, more efficient homes.

As a home buyer, these designations and ratings can significantly impact the energy costs you’ll spend throughout the lifetime of your home. While purchasing a home filled with ENERGY STAR appliances that also has a great HERS rating can be more expensive up front, the energy costs savings often far outweigh the initial expense.

As building science continues to progress and codes become stricter, Owens Corning will continue to meet builder demand by offering top-quality products. For more information on Owens Corning, the company’s products and more, contact 1-800-THINK-PINK. You can also visit www.OwensCorning.com.


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