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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is celebrating 11 years on air! Listeners across the metro Atlanta region have been tuning in to the award-winning podcast for weekly tidbits surrounding the hottest real estate topics for over a decade. As the market experiences a dramatic transition, October’s episodes will share need-to-know information on sales, upcoming developments and the future of the Atlanta real estate market.

“The purpose of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is to showcase new home builders and developers in Atlanta. As we get ready for another interesting year in real estate, we will be shining the spotlight on the rent-to-own market, sales and the evolution of placemaking.” Radio Show Host and Denim Marketing President Carol Morgan said. “Don’t forget to tune in on October 12 for our Legends of Real Estate series, featuring Ann and Allen Richardson. Join us as we dive into their company’s history, involvement with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and more!”

The October 2022 Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio lineup is as follows:

All About Real Estate

  • October 5 – Founder and Chief Community Builder Edie Weintraub with terra alma dives into the process behind creating energizing spaces, improving office environments and the company’s exciting South End Norcross project.
  • October 12 – Ann and Allen Richardson with Richardson Housing Group join the studio as the eighth Legends of Real Estate guests to talk about the company’s start in 1973, its footprint across the metro Atlanta housing market as well as Allen’s involvement with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.
  • October 20 – Head of Sales Mark Schlosser with Landis chats about the market’s impact on the company, its partnership with agents and brokers as well as the questionable reputation of the traditional rent-to-own process.
  • October 26 – President of Sales Uncomplicated David Hagan shares the genius behind the Uncomplicated Sales Training Method, the evolution of sales and the benefit of “The Customer Experience Equation.”

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