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This week’s guest on the Around Atlanta segment of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio show is Meghan Griffin, the director of the Main Street Program in Canton. Started in 1977 as part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Main Street Program was designed to determine why historic downtown areas were declining and what could be done about it.

Canton’s historic district, now known as the Canton Historic Downtown Loop, hasn’t changed much since the 1920s. Thanks to many citizens and business owners who have taken care of their homes, buildings and properties, the city has been able to maintain its historic character throughout the years. Now, Canton is home to many restaurants, shops, businesses and people that help to make it a great place to live and work.

People desire to live in an area that allows them to walk to dinner or the park, interact with their neighbors and feel safe. Through the Main Street Program, the city of Canton has been able to promote and revitalize the downtown area, giving residents the opportunity to do just that. The program also hosts many events and activities, which provide even more opportunities for residents and visitors alike to feel connected and part of the city.

The Canton Historic Downtown Loop serves as the heart of the city’s economic activity, as well as its cultural and recreation center. The historic core of Canton is home to three parks, a cultural center, community theatre, history museum and a variety of local businesses. In addition, the beautiful Etowah River encircles downtown.

As part of the Main Street Program, Griffin and the other members of the board have been able to learn from other programs across the country. The group found that most major communities host a block party in downtown, particularly during the summer months, which is a great way to bring people into the downtown area and encourage them to eat, drink and shop in the local establishments. Canton now hosts its very own First Friday, with the next one being held tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 1 from 6 until 9 p.m. in Cannon Park. The event, which has a Farewell to Summer theme, will include live music, food trucks, classic cars, kid’s games and much more.

The Main Street Program will also introduce the community’s first-ever Chili Cookoff this fall, which has already garnered a great deal of interest from city employees through the event’s naming contest. Griffin points out that one of the factors that has helped make Canton’s Main Street Program so successful is that everyone wants to see the city thrive, and they are all willing to help and support the program.

Whether you’re a long-time Canton resident, considering moving to the area or just planning a day-long visit, the Canton Historic Downtown Loop offers something for everyone. To learn more about this exciting area and why it’s a great place to be, listen to the full podcast above.


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