As thousands of Atlanta homeowners get high water bills delivered to their doors, there are certainly more questions than answers. In an effort to combat the issues brought forth by the rising number of complaints, the city of Atlanta will be inspecting each and every water meter in the city to determine the problem, and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has named Jo Ann J. Macrina the new commissioner of watershed management.

As commissioner, Macrina will have a rough road ahead of her due to the lack of confidence people have in the watershed management department. She will have to deal with a federal consent decree that calls for updating the city sewer system as well as the daunting task of overseeing city-wide water meter inspections, which will cost approximately $7 million according to WXIA-TV. And even after the inspection is complete, there’s no guarantee that officials will discover the source of the high water bills that plague residents. However, even with the daunting tasks at hand, both Reed and Atlanta COO Peter Aman believe that the watershed management department’s problems can be fixed by the end of the year.

Only time will tell whether Macrina, a former Dekalb County water commissioner with 25 years of experience in water resources, will finally be able to get to the bottom of Atlanta’s water issues.

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