Do you want to add a designer touch to your new Augusta custom home? Start by hanging pictures around your home like an interior decorator would. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Fireplace settings –Feng Shui experts recommend hanging a mirror over the fireplace mantle, and even try to lean it off-center. To keep things in harmony, add a sculptural piece to the mantle as well, like an attractive vase. Complete the look with a few small pictures to lift the eye, and repeat the look over doorways or tall chests.

Wall placement – If you have a large wall in your new home, take advantage of it by covering it with a stack of prints to create a gallery effect. Hang them uniformly, even if some wind up below eye level or behind the furniture.

Sofa art – For a more modern look than the traditional single large picture placed over a sofa, hang a mirror with a sunburst effect and encircle it with a set of prints.

Hallways – Themes are great to explore in a hallway. Try hanging bamboo brackets with lots of space in between to support attractive jars or some other collection. They key is to give each piece individual attention on your wall to make the collection more important.

Nightstand art – Amp up the profile of a skinny bedside lamp by grouping multiple small items around it. Place a mirror in an old circular window and hang it over the headboard for an interesting look.

Bed art – Instead of placing one or two pictures over the bed, try four related prints stretched out along the length of the wall.


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