World Sign Spinning Championship

Sign Spinning, a cost-effective form of advertising, is now also an extreme sport, complete with a World Sign Spinning Championship! Thanks to AArrow Sign Spinners, the job of being a human directional now has a heated competition. Rami Putrus, Owner/Operator of AArrow Sign Spinners Atlanta and Director of Sales for the East Coast, says, “In addition to recruiting, hiring and training over 5,000 professional sign spinners across 25 US cities and 10 other countries, we now provide a world-class competition for them to compete.”

The World Sign Spinning Championship (WSSC), held in Las Vegas in late February, attracts competitors from across the United States. A few German competitors even flew in to join the action. This competition is one of the world’s largest gatherings of street-level performers, and there is no other competition like it. Individuals are encouraged to exhibit skills and tricks that showcase their unique talents to earn a chance at winning the prestigious Gold Sign trophy.  

Fifty spinners stood on Fremont Street on February 24 and showed off sign-spinning tricks that left audience members speechless at moments. At the end of the energetic competition, the top prize was presented to Tyler Cartwright, a sign spinner from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Cartwright was younger than many competitors, but his experience speaks volumes. Not a stranger to competitive sign spinning, Cartwright has previously spun signs internationally and participated in WSSC. His winning style is “…nothing short of amazing, showcasing creativity, precision, and flair…” Cartwright’s intense passion for the competition set him apart from his competitors. Including countless clean transitions between tricks elevated him to the top spot. Additionally, he broke the world record for most waterwheel spins performed consecutively.  

The top three winners left with trophy signs and substantial prize money. Right behind Cartwright, three-time champion Kendric Washington of Washington, D.C., took second place, and Zachary Blaylock of Fort Lauderdale, FL, came in third. 

Sign spinning is a great way to catch the attention of “drive-by” traffic for new home communities. Sign spinning is an effective marketing strategy for home builders due to several key factors. First, its dynamic movements readily capture attention, drawing potential customers to the brand. This, coupled with its inherent memorability, ensures the brand remains top-of-mind. Additionally, the interactive nature of sign spinning attracts attention and encourages interaction. More cost-effective than traditional advertising methods, sign spinning is an attractive option for home builders looking to optimize their marketing budgets.

Customization is paramount to tailoring services specifically to the needs of home builders. This involves crafting messages highlighting home features, targeting high-traffic locations for optimal visibility, and ensuring consistency in branding across all platforms.

“We all get a little tired of pop-ups and pressing skip on videos these days.  There is something refreshingly human about sign spinning that allows us to connect with members of your target market using good old-fashioned eye contact and a smile,” said Putrus. “With a sign spinner, you don’t have to guess who saw your ad, so you don’t waste money on clicks from non-potential customers.  That being said, using sign spinning combined with digital advertising can allow you to continue connecting with customers with the highest probability of converting.”

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