Earlier this year, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation announced it had acquired the operations and home building assets of Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods for $85 million. With such a large deal between two well-known brands, the national home builder is certainly solidifying its position as a top home builder in Atlanta.

Carol Morgan heard Sheryl Palmer, President and CEO of Taylor Morrison speak at the “Building Together” conference last year in Phoenix, Arizona and was very impressed with her focus on promoting women in the industry and her desire to always pay it forward. During Sheryl’s presentation she encouraged participants to stay true to themselves, always be you –don’t play games and continue to explore new paths.

After the recent acquisition, Carol reached out to a Taylor Morrison representative about the expansion and what people can expect to see in the upcoming year. Our response came from a member of their public relations team. Here is the “conversation”:

Q: What will happen to the Acadia brand? Will it be rolled into Taylor Morrison or be promoted separately like Darling Homes?

A: Once the acquisition is final, Acadia Homes will operate under the Taylor Morrison brand.

Q: How long will the acquisition and integration take?

A: The integration is taking place now and will be ongoing.

Q: Sheryl Palmer said at a conference last year that the “secret spice is people.” Will Taylor Morrison make additional hires in Atlanta?

A: Taylor Morrison’s recent acquisitions in the Georgia market are a signal of our intended growth. New hires will be a natural part of that growth as we continue expansion of our presence in Georgia.

Q: Sheryl Palmer and Taylor Morrison have a strong focus on advancing women in the building industry. Currently the majority of Acadia’s management team is male. Will this change? Will a special effort be made to promote or hire women in senior management, construction and land positions?

A: At Taylor Morrison, we’re about people and purpose. While we strongly support the career advancement of women at all levels throughout the building industry, we believe in thorough performance reviews and granting promotions based on merit. However, we are avid about ensuring we seek out women candidates for all roles as we are an equal opportunity employer. We subscribe to the theory that a diverse workplace where women hold leadership roles is both important and critical to the success of Taylor Morrison.

Q: What are the sales goals for the new Atlanta division for 2016 and 2017?

A: Given that we are still in the integration phase with Acadia Homes, we don’t have sales goals to share at this time.

Q: Will Taylor Morrison acquire additional land position in 2016/2017 in the Atlanta market?

A: While we don’t discuss future acquisitions, we’re thrilled with our new position in Atlanta as a top builder with the opportunity to serve all consumer cohorts.

Q: Sheryl Palmer places heavy emphasis on knowledge and education. What kind of training will the newly acquired Acadia team receive?

A: Acadia has an exceptionally talented team and we expect to make a concerted effort to share knowledge through specialized trainings. For example, Taylor Morrison’s existing business in Atlanta (and the company as a whole) will be able to optimize and benefit from Acadia’s urban product and design studio experience.

Thanks so much to Taylor Morrison for participating in this interview! With expanded growth throughout Georgia, the metro Atlanta area can only expect to see more from this growing company. Visit Taylor Morrison for more information.

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