Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront and Meritage Homes Award Mortgage-Free Home

Meritage Homes Corporation (NYSE: MTH) and Operation Homefront joined together to thank two local veterans for their dedication and service. Shandrika and Juval Shreves' family was presented with a  brand-new, energy-efficient home as part of the Homes on the Homefront (HOTH) program. On November 7, timed with Veterans Day, U.S. Marine veterans Shandrika and Juval Shreves, along with their two[...]

Operation Homefront

Military Couple Selected for Mortgage-Free Meritage Home

Operation Homefront selected an Atlanta-based, dual military couple for a mortgage-free Meritage Home. Meritage Homes Corporation (NYSE: MTH) and Operation Homefront recently announced that the Shreves family has been selected to enter the Homes on the Homefront (HOTH) program and will receive the keys to a brand new, energy-efficient home in Canton, Ga. The family will be welcomed into the[...]

World War II Veterans Share Stories at Soleil Laurel Canyon

It’s no secret that Soleil Laurel Canyon is known for its strong sense of community. The residents of Soleil are actively involved in clubs, events and activities that enrich the community and truly make Soleil an ideal place to live. One of the clubs which receives special recognition each year is the Soleil Veteran’s Club. Comprised of residents who fought for[...]

World War II Veterans to Gather for Chat at Soleil Laurel Canyon

Every year, Veteran’s Day marks a time of deep appreciation at Soleil Laurel Canyon. Lining the halls of Soleil’s Clubhouse are plaques of the community’s service men and women detailing their name, branch and years spent in service. These halls honor the brethren of veterans at Soleil throughout all months of the year. This year, Soleil’s Veteran’s Club is honoring veterans[...]