mural at intown atlanta community

    Joy, Color and Character Added to Intown Community with New Street Mural

    Edward Andrews Homes is redefining the meaning of community at Bixton, its latest intown home development located where Kirkwood, East Lake and Oakhurst all meet. A lifestyle-centered community that connects to the area's main thoroughfare and attractions via two staircases deemed 'Stairway to Hosea,' the staircases now offer a fun pop of color in the neighborhood! Designed and painted by the[...]

    great georgia air show

    Let the Festivities Begin at the Decatur Arts Alliance

    Angie Macon, executive director of the Decatur Arts Alliance, joins host Todd Schnick and co-host Carol Morgan on this week’s Around Atlanta edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum radio show. Founded in 1989, the Arts Alliance was founded as a nonprofit partnership of artists, business owners, residents and government dedicated to supporting and enhancing the arts in the city of[...]