Wieland Gets Housing Moving – Sells 101 Homes

Big news coming from John Wieland and his "Wiebago" - yesterday, April 30th, he hit the 101 homes sold mark! While this does bring an end to his traveling, John Wieland will continue to educate home shoppers, real estate professionals and anyone else that will listen on the Importance of housing market's role in economic recovery. In addition, he is[...]

John Wieland Interviewed about Atlanta Real Estate Industry

John Wieland has been making the headlines since his 101 Home Sale promotion has been a tremendous success. Since launching the program in March, he has been traveling throughout the southeast in a "Wiebago" and sleeping in unfurnished model homes until 101 homes have been sold. So, what's the progress? He has only 34 more homes to sell before he[...]

Low Interest Rate Incentive Makes Way for 101 Home Sale Promotion

The previous low interest rate incentives being offered by John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods have been out done by the 101 Home Sale Promotion. While the low interest rates were a nice perk, the 101 Home Sale Promotion offers savings of up to $50,000 on select inventory homes. This is the sale that has recently received national coverage due to[...]

John Wieland Homes' Low Interest Rate Ends March 31st

Now is your last chance to take advantage of John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods' low interest rate for home buyers at Heron Bay Golf & Country Club. John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods is offering 4.5% financing on their standing homes in Heron Bay that close on or before March 31, 2009 when financing through WFS Mortgage. Come in today and[...]