Can You Access a Home Equity Line on Your Atlanta New Home?

There was a time, pretty recently, when it seemed new home buyers got a home equity line of credit almost as soon as they moved into a new home.  Banks were eager to lend and, according to the Equifax Personal Finance Blog, homebuyers were using home equity lines for non traditional purposes. In her article, “ Credit Trends: Super-Prime Consumers Tap Home Equity[...]

Why You Probably Need a Bigger Down Payment for Your Atlanta New Home

Many homeowners who sell in the current market are making less on their home than they anticipated. When it’s time to buy the next home, they don’t have as much for a down payment as they would have liked – or maybe even as much as they need. While it seems unfair that lenders would start requiring larger down payments when[...]

Buying Atlanta Real Estate? Here’s How to Impact Your Credit Score

If you’re contemplating buying a new Atlanta home, remember what all mortgage lenders are looking for in a relationship. It’s similar to what all of us want: someone well rounded and reliable with no skeletons in the closet. There’s no need to fill your shelves with self help books to get yourself ready for this relationship, though. Just go to the Equifax[...]

USDA Loans Make Zero Down a Possibility

USDA Rural Development loans are proving to be a bright alternative  among the seemingly ongoing restrictions and regulations that preclude many potential first time buyers from home ownership. Offered through the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) to promote and stimulate home sales and development in rural areas, Rural Development (RD) loans have been a silver lining in an otherwise challenging[...]