On this week’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool.

Similar to texting, but what makes Facebook Messenger different is the ability to run off wireless internet instead of using data on a phone service plan. Users can call, message and even video chat all within the app – an excellent tool to utilize when traveling internationally when internationally calling is not a part of your phone plan. Simply connect to wireless internet and you can make calls and send messages. Users can also integrate Drop Boxes within Messenger, send or request money or share locations.

The platform is also expanding as both a business tool and a social tool by integrating the ability to take a live photo and edit it with text, stickers and free-style writing/drawing overlays.

Schnick explains that he uses the tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and now labels the best way to reach specific clients, whether that is via email, text, phone call or Facebook Messenger. According to Schnick, texts and calls may go ignored or unanswered, but many people will actually respond via Facebook Messenger.

To learn more about the available functions in Facebook Messenger, listen to the above episode. For more information call  770-383-3360.


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