One of the most important things a homeowner can do to prepare for a successful Open House over the holiday season is decorate. Displaying universally appealing collections can be an attractive decorating technique. Grouping like objects together in one area and steer clear of overly ethnic and religious artifacts, which may not appeal to all buyers. Using a winter theme make it easy to decorate the home in a “de-personalized” way.

First impressions are everything, so it is important to not overlook the curb appeal of a home. Festive outdoor décor will appeal to potential buyers and make them want to enter a home. The “less is more” approach is best for the outside area, so stick to door wreaths and window candles. It will give the house an elegant, yet festive appearance.

Decorating the inside of the home is equally as important as the outside because a potential homebuyer can get wrapped up in the ambience of the holiday season if they walk into a tastefully decorated home. Decorating with fresh garlands, candles, poinsettias, red velvet bows and pine cones not only add charm to the home, but will help buyers make their own emotional connection with the home.

Staging your show home during the holidays may seem like a challenge, but with these simple decorating techniques, potential buyers will be drawn to and interested in making a show home their new home.

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