If you are checking your credit report regularly – we recommend that you at least get your free annual reports from each reporting agency – you may find errors. But how did they get there, and what is the chance of getting them fixed? The Equifax credit experts answer those questions in the new article, “

The Facts About Credit Report Accuracy.”

First, you’ll be glad to know that the chances of an error on your report are staggeringly small. One study reported that as low as 1.9 percent of consumers find errors on their credit report. If you are part of that group, there are a few reasons why – data provided to us could have been incorrect, we might have filed it incorrectly, or you may be the victim of identity theft.

In the event that there is an error, you will be glad to know that errors are often fixed quickly – in generally less than 14 days – half the time required by law. In addition, Equifax is working on a new system that will cut down the time to process an error report by as much as 50 percent so that disputes can be rectified as quickly as possible.

To learn more about your credit report, from how to file a dispute to how to

prevent identity theft by using your credit report, check Equifax.com.

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