As one of GA Home Foreclosures’ preferred lenders, Academy Mortgage Corporation provides a wide range of financing opportunities. They are happy to remind homebuyers about a great down-payment assistance first time homebuyer program for those who have been renting for the past three or more years:  the Georgia Dream Program. This program, offered through the Department of Community Affairs, provides down payment assistant for residents of the state of Georgia.  Even better, by using one of our preferred lenders to purchase one of our investor-owned foreclosures, we will pay 2 percent of your closing costs.

There are three types of programs within the Georgia Dream. The Standard Program provides $5,000 in down payment/closing costs for any resident of the state of Georgia.

The PEN (Protectors-Educators-Nurses) provides $7,500 on down payment/closing costs for any resident employed in the military, public safety, education and the health care industry.

The CHOICE program provides $7,500 as well, but for households with individuals living with disabilities.

All of these programs have household income limitations and sales price maximums depending on the location of the subject property. Within the MSA-Atlanta area, the maximum household income is $71,000 for a one to two person household and $82,000 for a household of three or more. The maximum purchase price is $250,000. For properties outside the Atlanta-MSA, the maximum sales price is $200,000 with household income for one to two person families at $61,000 and $70,000 for a family of three or more. Unlike most down-payment assistance programs which are county-specific, the Georgia Dream Program can help anyone in the state.


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