The Atlanta BeltLine project has helped make some big, positive changes in the Atlanta real estate market recently, so we reached out once again to our in-house Atlanta BeltLine specialist, Derrick Duckworth, for his perspective on this ongoing project.

Describe any notable updates that have recently taken place with development of the Atlanta BeltLine.

Because of the recent change of leadership and the defeat of T-SPLOST, things have been a little slow. Last week, Ponce City Market held an open house for the BeltLine Quarterly Briefing, which continues to see more activity than any other BeltLine Development news.

The most recent thing to happen with development around the Beltline is actually starting to happen in the West End. The state of Georgia just put up the old City of Atlanta Farmers Market up “for sale.”  Last week it was being used for filming for The Hunger Games, but bids are due October 26.  They also are working on what’s going to be the first BeltLine Park to be created as an Urban Farm at Murphy’s Crossing Park.


What can you say about the future of the project ?

With everything going on in Historic Old Fourth Ward, people are really starting to get excited about the project, and Ponce City Market will only create additional anticipation. They say to strike while the iron is hot, and I’d say the BeltLine Iron is getting warm.

Name some of your favorite spots located conveniently along the BeltLine.


  • Food: Ormsby’s at White Provisions
  • Venue: The Goat Farm off Huff Road.
  • Recreation:  The Skate Park and The East Side Trail
  • Coffee: Dancing Goats at Ponce City Market
  • 501c(3): Beltline Bike Shop

For more information about current BeltLine real estate listings, contact Derrick at and follow The BeltLine Team on Facebook. For more information on buying and selling houses in Atlanta, visit the Morris and Raper Real Estate Consultants website.

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