As we enter 2011, new leadership takes the helm of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. At the Installation and Awards Banquet held on Tuesday, Jan. 18, Carl Riden installed Mike Smith as the association’s new President.

Carl reflected on Mike’s education and introduction to the industry. Here are some of the highlights of Carl’s remarks: Mike was a plumbers helper and then worked in a cabinet shop after school. He played soccer in High School and was awarded best soccer player in Rockdale County. Mike went to Georgia Southern on a soccer scholarship and he still plays on a team today. After graduating, Mike went to work for Carl and over time became a partner in the business. At that point Carl and Mike launched Harcrest Homes which Mike owns fully now.  Mike was instrumental in the development of systems and processes that contributed to the builder being named America’s best builder in 2001, as well as numerous OBIE awards.In 2009, Mike was named Builder of the Year. He is currently serving as president of the housing institute.

After taking the oath of office, Mike made the following remarks: Looking ahead to 2011 this is going to be a pivotal year for us as builders, as well as the association. I have a positive outlook. Not only has the Association has seen increased membership the last two month, but we have exceeded our membership goals during several of these months. The 401k and state health insurance programs are going to be great tools to develop our membership, but the most important tool we have is us. We need members to support legislation, membership drives and events. We have to become more of a member driven organization.  The people int he government want to see us in front of them. This will bring renewed energy to our association. It will create new synergies to grow on and carry us through this year and into the future.

We all look forward to working with Mike to build a stronger association. In fact, a number of leaders in the industry will be working side-by-side with Mike. The 2011 Executive Committee is as follows:

President, Mike Smith

Vice President, Neal Davis

Treasurer, Richelle Losch

Secretary, Mike Turner

Immediate Past President, Les Stumpff

Associate Vice President, Carol Stone

Builder at Large, Jim Brown

Builder at Large, John Cooper

Builder at Large, Steve Goodsell

Builder at Large, Steve Palmer

Associate at Large, Eugene James

General Counsel, Frank Brown

A number of other Builders and Associates serve on the board. The builders are: Bill Boyajan, Charlie Bostwick, Lawson Calhoun, Brian Canady, Al Capogrossi, Dean Cowart,  Dan Fields, Christine Fortenberry, Chris Knight, Mark King, Steve King, Gary Lockman, Rob Myers, Garen Smith and John Willis. The Associates are: Sammy Baker, Bob Chapin, Tony Donald, Phil Gressly, Mitch Hires, Sonny Hires, Cindy Huber,John O’Driscoll, Carl Owen, Jeff Pogue,  Ro Preisinger and Ron Sprinkle.

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