Across the nation, consumers are being very careful with how they spend their well-earned resources. Buying a home has always been one of life’s largest purchases, and the intangible value of a neighborhood is an important factor when making a home buying decision. Homebuyers today are keenly aware that the long-term ramifications of an Atlanta home purchase require even more prudence, research and consideration.

Heron Bay Golf & Country Club recognizes the value of a good neighborhood and offers these tips to homebuyers:

1. Create Your Dream Neighborhood: Most people imagine their dream home, but do not give much thought to what their dream neighborhood would be like. Are you looking for a neighborhood with pool? A fitness center? Or an outdoor area to enjoy summer afternoons? Heron Bay Golf & Country Club is a family-oriented neighborhood with community amenities like the Aquatic Center, fitness room, golf club, Lakefront Park, nature trails and tennis courts. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy.

2. Look at Public Services: As a result of falling property taxes, towns and cities have to cut back on the public services that they offer. Parks and libraries are great indicators of a thriving neighborhood. Henry County is home to multiple libraries, parks and local businesses. A growing and active community, Heron Bay residents have the opportunity to become involved with the Henry County community through a variety of programs and services. Check out what’s going on in Henry County.

3. Examine Clues: Streets lined with “For Sale” signs, closed businesses and foreclosed homes are often signs of a declining neighborhood. Believing so deeply in its future, Minerva’s executives bought back Heron Bay’s loan and protected it from the great recession. In doing so, they ignited a phenomenal response from residents about the pride of their community and nationally acclaimed builders continue to build new and custom homes in our community. Even more, Heron Bay is thriving as demonstrated by its beautifully landscaped and maintained common grounds. You can feel positive things happening here.

4. Talk to People: Talking to people who already live in Heron Bay is a great way to decide if a neighborhood is right for you. After all, you can always make home improvements, but changing your neighborhood is not so easy.

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