The Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council congratulates Wynn Frith of Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods for winning a Gold OBIE for Rookie Salesperson of the Year. The OBIE awards are the premier awards in the new home construction industry.

Wynn Frith began her rookie career as a neighborhood sales manager in February 2012 with Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods. From the very beginning, she made a decision to make Sherwood Park a success for herself and Acadia, and began applying the core marketing principles of the four P’s – product, place, price and promotion. She wanted to make a difference in the homebuilding industry despite the economy and all the media attention of a down market. Wynn dedicated herself to learning and studying the house plans for Acadia as well as the competition in the area, as well as learning what trends buyers were interested in.

As a former software salesperson with an MBA, she was able to tell a story and listen to the buyer, and also become the eyes of what was trending in a very short time. She had the deise to be an advocate and consumer of her surrounding community at Sherwood Park in Smyrna. As Acadia become a household word in the Atlanta market, Wynn played off the tagline, “A new builder for a new time.” She worked with buyers to customize and personalize their home, and make adjustments center on their unique needs. Her fresh and positive attitude and first impressions with every buyer helped her achieve great success – 29 gross homes with 27 net sales and a total revenue of $7.6 million in 2012. The statistics astounded the competition, and the community has become one of the hottest in the area. She has won Sales and Marketing Council’s (SMC) Top Rung Award for the most single family homes closed in third and fourth quarters  for 2012.

In 2013, her success continued with 17 homes sold and $5.5 million in sales. She also already has 10 presales for the phase two of Sherwood Park. Her continued relationships with her buyers and peers have impacted many lives and turned a neighborhood of empty lots into a family-centered single-family community. She has continued to exceed expectations for herself and Acadia Homes, and has a goal to write a book entitled “What to Expect When Expecting Your First Home!”

Wynn has been an active member of the GAHBA SMC since 2012, and volunteers with Acadia Homes at the SafePath Children’s Advocacy Venter’s Charity Fundraiser event every year.

The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s OBIE Awards celebrates its 33rd anniversary in 2013. The awards began in 1980 and have grown throughout the years to now feature more than 100 building, remodeling, marketing and personal achievement categories. The OBIE Awards, named after the obelisk shape of the actual award given, are the premier awards in of Atlanta’s residential building industry. To see more OBIE award winners, visit

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