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Level Craft Construction is a woman-owned home builder, which means when you choose Level Craft for a remodel or custom home, you get a female-focused team with a great eye for projects from design to completion. With all the focus on diversity and inclusion, the homebuilding industry is one place that women are making inroads with positions, as well as closing the wage gap. This issue has come to the forefront at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) where it has formed a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion taskforce.

With over 20 years of experience designing, building and renovating homes and commercial spaces, Level Craft Construction partners Virginia Van Lear and Debbie Hollonbeck provide customers with everything they could ever dream of. From the overall job site to a home’s intricate trim and finished, Level Craft Construction strives for perfection. The duo’s love of art provides them with an eye for a colorful and rich palette that helps them envision possibilities and ultimately craft a unique masterpiece for each homeowner.

custom bathroom by Level Craft ConstrucitonMeet the Partners

Virginia Van Lear and Debbie Hollonbeck come from different backgrounds which is what makes their collaboration so special. Virginia has been building and renovating homes in the Atlanta area since 1996. As a licensed Residential Contractor and EarthCraft certified builder, Virginia’s vast experience and hands-on knowledge help her keep projects on schedule and within budget. One of only a handful of female contractors in Atlanta, she finds this gives her a powerful advantage over other builders in the area. Virginia has a degree in art from the University of Georgia.

With years of experience teaching art at elementary schools, Debbie enjoys utilizing her visual brain alongside her more analytical side when designing and restoring homes. Debbie’s passion for home building started when she and her husband, Scot, renovated their personal home in Inman Park. Next they built a new house in Oakhurst with a local builder, and from there Debbie was hooked on home building. She turned this new interest into a full-time position with a local builder and after six years she left that position and joined Level Craft Construction as a partner.

Level Craft Construction porchMeet the Project Managers

Project Managers Stan Bearden and Brandon Sheffield approach home building projects differently which creates a thorough, hands-on experience aimed to benefit the client. With over 20 years of building experience, Stan enjoys helping clients navigate the hectic home improvement process. He continues to learn and build upon his skills to better ensure that homeowners have a good experience working alongside him.

Brandon dives into all facets of the building or renovation process. With each new Level Craft Construction client, he strives to understand their dream and execute it. Count on this project manager to stay calm under pressure and ensure the best possible outcome.

kitchen remodel by level craft constructionHow They Approach Each Project

An innovative team with decades of experience, Level Craft Construction has created a fool-proof approach to the home building and renovation process.

On the front end, Debbie and Virginia work with clients.  The two partners communicate daily with clients to help them understand their home design ideas and desires. Debbie enjoys this part because she is heavily involved in the design aspect where she helps clients manage every little detail.

Then, Virginia and Brandon oversee the beginning stages of construction while Debbie and Stan manage the rest and bring the project to completion. A true dream team, Level Craft Construction makes sure to put their best foot forward while working on projects that best fit everyone’s talents.

To learn more about woman-owned home builder Level Craft Construction, visit www.levelcraftatlanta.com.

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