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As a woman-owned home builder, Level Craft Construction is proudly led by a female-focused team with a great eye for detail and design. With over 20 years of experience designing, building and renovating residential and commercial properties, Level Craft Construction partners Virginia Van Lear and Debbie Hollonbeck strive to exceed customers’ wants and needs with every project. The duo’s love for art feeds their passion and helps them envision and craft masterpieces for each homeowner.

Meet the Partners

Both Van Lear and Hollonbeck bring different backgrounds and experience to the table, making their collaboration so special! Building and renovating homes in the Atlanta area since 1996, Van Lear is a licensed residential contractor and EarthCraft-certified builder. With extensive experience and hands-on knowledge, this Level Craft Construction partner holds a degree in art from the University of Georgia.

With years of experience teaching elementary school art, Hollonbeck designs and restores homes utilizing visual and analytical aspects. Hollonbeck’s passion for home building started after renovating her Inman Park house with her husband, Scott. Turning her newfound interest into a full-time job, Hollonbeck worked for a local builder for six years before becoming a partner at Level Craft Construction.

Meet the Project Managers

Creating a thorough, hands-on experience, the Level Craft Construction project managers prioritize the client first when approaching home building projects. With more than 20 years of experience in the home building industry, Project Manager Stan Bearden enjoys helping clients navigate the hectic home improvement process. To ensure each homeowner has a wonderful experience working with Level Craft, Bearden is constantly evolving his skill set.

With a degree in architecture from Georgia Tech and over 15 years of experience, Front End Project Manager Brandon Sheffield handles every aspect of the building or renovation process. Sheffield prioritizes educating himself on new construction methodologies and current market trends, ensuring clients can confidently make effective decisions on their dream projects. Known for his calm demeanor while under pressure, Sheffield provides clients with incredible communication and vast building knowledge.

When it comes to managing contractors, over-seeing job sites, scheduling supplies and handling other project aspects, Project Manager Carl Brown is the man for the job! Born into the construction industry, Brown holds years of experience in many trades, including floor installations, carpentry, framework, window and door installation, painting, tiling and design. Brown has an eye for detail and ensures that every project meets the Level Craft Construction standards.

Charles Clonts, the newest project manager at Level Craft Construction, boasts a colorful career timeline featuring experience in commercial and residential construction. As a strong asset to the Level Craft team, Clonts handles budgeting, scheduling and managing several different projects. Providing a smooth and seamless construction process, Clonts is a strong communicator and a wonderful problem-solver.

Meet the Office Manager

Will MacLane is the office manager at the new Level Craft Construction office located in the heart of Atlanta. Holding a degree in marketing with an emphasis on digital marketing from the University of Georgia, MacLane assists the Level Craft Construction team with invoice processing, day-to-day tasks, software implementation and bookkeeping.

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