U.S. homebuilding is making a coGarden Streetmeback that could help speed up the recovery time of the nation’s economy. An Atlanta builder, Windsong Properties, is enjoying the benefits of this upwards trend. This past year, the builder has started two new projects, hired three new employees and has more confidence in home sales.

According to a recent AP article, “Surge in US home construction could lift economy,” builders started construction last month at the fastest rate in more than four years. Additionally, builders plan to build homes at an even faster pace in the coming months. This is certainly true for Windsong. The builder’s confidence has grown over the last couple of years as demand for new homes increased, which resulted in the starts of Garden Street in Woodstock and Bel-Aire in Powder Springs.

“Location was also a major factor in deciding to build these communities,” stated Carrie Roeger, marketing manager at Windsong Properties. “As the economy recovers, the areas grow in popularity and offer residents more and more amazing activities and events. Homebuyers are starting to realize what Woodstock and West Cobb are becoming and want to be a part of the action.”

With the expansion of new home construction, Windsong has had to hire new employees. One of these new hires was an additional builder.

“With the start of Bel-Aire and the sales pace at Garden Street, we quickly realized that one builder could not cover the distance between the two,” said Roeger. “High levels of interest at the pre-selling phase of Bel-Aire also indicated that the build pace was going to be quick enough to sustain another builder.”

As interest for these new communities increases, Windsong’s confidence grows. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders believes that confidence among builders has reached a six-year high.

“It has been survival mode for the past five years,” explained Roeger.

Windsong plans to continue its success next year. The builder says increase demand, low interest rates and prices holding steady will be factors in driving sales.

Roeger said, “If we keep going in this direction, we should start to see significant impact in 2013.” This means that as homebuilding makes a comeback and increases housing, jobs and confidence, it should help improve the economy.

For more details on Windsong’s offerings, visit www.windsonglife.com.

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