Atlanta remodeling company WicksteadWorks is well known for its devotion to green-building practices, and a recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlighted exactly how their expertise in green building can benefit the health of homeowners. It’s really important to promote such positive attributes for green building because many homeowners really do not realize that green building benefits more than the environment, although that should be reason enough to go green. Because there are so many options and details related to green building, it’s important to go with an industry expert when you are remodeling. Frank Wickstead, President of WicksteadWorks, is a Certified Green Building Professional, a verifier for the National Green Building Program and a LEED Accredited Professional. Basically, you cannot be more of a green building expert than that. It’s probably for this reason that the AJC decided to feature one of his projects in prominent article.

The article focuses on one particular project done by WicksteadWorks on a 1940s cottage, owned by the Fosgates, in the Ardmore Park neighborhood of Buckhead. Originally, the house was about 1,500 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths. The renovation took five months to complete, and resulted in an increase to 3,000 square feet with four baths. Like all projects completed by WicksteadWorks, the new construction is built to meet the standards of EarthCraft certification. Prior to the renovation, the young daughter of the Fosgates, Harper, would regularly suffer terrible asthma attacks, but now, after incorporating these green building practices into their home, her breathing has significantly improved. This improvement is a direct result from WicksteadWorks reducing the amount of dust and mold in the air by installing a new HVAC system, an air-filtering system and a sealed crawl space with a vapor barrier.

For more specific details about the total renovation of this 1940’s house, read the AJC article online.

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