You may have noticed two words strategically placed underneath the traditional WicksteadWorks logo. And, it’s very possible that these two words – smarter construction – have led to some confusion since it isn’t clearly stated what they mean by “smarter construction.” Basically, WicksteadWorks features smarter construction because they consistently challenge themselves to learn everything they possibly can about the building industry. In fact, continuing education is a requirement within the company at all levels. WicksteadWorks makes it their responsibility to be up-to-date with the newest technologies available and discover whether or not they are worthy of endorsement. This is only one of many ways that the intown Atlanta remodeler ensures each project utilizes products of the highest standard and quality. What are some of the most recent things WicksteadWorks has learned? Well…

    • They are very excited about Icynene’s new LD-R-50 product. This is the newest and best insulation on the market. This is an open cell spray foam insulation with amazing insulating values, inherent fire resistance, and a Castor oil base which dramatically reduces the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) usually associated with spray insulation products.
    • WicksteadWorks is currently researching the ability to install modular second story additions. They plan to install their first within a few months. Modular methods allow them to maintain their minimum EarthCraft standards while reducing overall cost to the client and speed up their already fast production schedules. This method is very efficient with little waste and it is much less intrusive to the neighborhood.
    • The remodeling company in Atlanta is an expert on water conservation with respect to rainwater and greywater reuse, use reduction, and integrating whole house systems to work together towards the common goal of seriously reducing overall usage and dependency on municipal sources. Of course, water conservation is not the only green building technique in which they are an expert.
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