Why Build Right Choice Homes?

The weather is officially heating up, and while we love getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather, the sunshine and warmer temperatures can have some pretty unfavorable consequences on a home’s monthly energy bill.  Luckily, with Right Choice Homes, builders can offer buyers guaranteed savings!

Over the last 25 years, homes have become larger and more spacious. Energy demands within the home have increased as the number of appliances, entertainment systems and rechargeable devices have increased.

The energy efficiency that Right Choice Homes offer has many benefits for homeowners. First, higher efficiency means lower bills and lower cost of ownership. Homebuyers are always looking for the most house for their money. Energy efficiency and indoor air quality are easy features to sell, particularly when buyers understand that they will save money each year they own their home. Another advantage of Right Choice Homes is reduced call-backs due to the perfectly planned process and installation that Jackson EMC guarantees.

Right Choice new homes help lower homeowners’ largest energy expenses (heating and air) by 20 to 30 percent compared to standard homes. Homebuyers want a home that is easy to maintain year-round, but they are also looking for energy-efficient construction. During our process, before construction even begins, experts will verify that the design of the home and its heating and cooling system meet efficiency standards. During construction, technicians thoroughly inspect for proper air sealing and duct installation. Then, the high-tech testing confirms that the finished home meets the strict energy standards.

Once the new home is built, the Right Choice program offers builders rebate from Jackson EMC including reduced or free underground service, third-party reviews, one-year comfort guarantee and a three-year energy usage guarantee, plus training and support.*

Take some time to learn more about the Right Choice Program and why a Jackson EMC Right Choice home, is the best choice for you and your homeowners.

*Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions.