Voice of Color from PPGThe tools available today are incredible. Websites and computer programs allow you to create spaces that look almost like photographs before you even begin building your home or purchasing furniture. There is a problem, though, that seems to be true with many fields in regards to technology: dependency. People assume that computers must be accurate and trust that it will do the work for you.

As a designer, I do a large number of renderings for clients. These renderings have the ability help clients visualize possible renovations to their homes or commercial buildings. I can never stress enough, though, that these are merely rough concepts! Color can be drastically different from screen to screen and from printer to printer. That’s why it is SO important to look at actual items before a purchase. GO to furniture stores and look at the color of a sofa.  You cannot trust that a creamy khaki sofa you see online will not be drastically greener in the store. The same goes for paint. A number of paint companies have wonderful tools online for visualizing color. PPG’s Color Visualizer is a great example if you want to see how red will look on your walls as compared to yellow, definitely give it a try!

When it gets down to the “nitty gritty,” make sure you’re looking at true paint samples and not relying on your computer screen. Let’s say you’re liking the look of yellow in your picture, and now you’re trying to decide between a yellow with slight blue undertones and a yellow with slight red undertones. That’s when you’ll want to look at true samples. Luckily, it’s very easy to order 8-inch x 12-inch samples of colors from the new Voice of Color App! Just search for “Voice of Color” in the app store to download the free app. You will then be able to order samples. When samples arrive in the mail, see how they look directly up against your furnishings. Remember to avoid placing samples on the current paint color. It will deceive your eyes if a yellow sample is against a purple wall. Instead place the samples directly on your furniture, flooring, etc. (things that will remain in the space after you paint). This will give you a good idea of how colors and fabrics will react with one another.

So remember, technology is amazing, but make sure you see and feel materials before you order them online!

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