If you haven’t yet filed your income taxes for 2014, you may be scrambling to get everything in order, as the filing deadline is rapidly approaching. To help, the tax experts at the Equifax Finance blog have put together a checklist of commonly needed forms/paperwork for filing your taxes. The list, “

Your Must-Have 2014 Tax Filing Checklist” includes:

  • W-2s from the entire year – be sure to get W-2s from all employers during the year
  • Estimated tax records (if you pay estimated taxes quarterly)
  • 1099s such as:
    • 1099-B for stock sales and barter transactions
    • 1099-C (or COD) for cancellation of indebtedness on mortgage or credit card debt
    • 1099-DIV for dividends
    • 1099-INT for interest income
    • 1099-MISC for anyone self-employed
  • Form 1098 showing the interest you paid on your home in the past year
  • Other 1098s, like a 1098-C if you donated a car or boat to a tax-exempt organization, a 1098-E showing any interest paid on student loans, or a 1098-T showing tuition paid
  • Annual mortgage statement showing the amount of real estate/property taxes paid in the past year – property taxes only (not interest, penalties or assessments) are deductible
  • Vehicle registration receipts
  • Charitable donation receipts for donations over $250

Forms can be found at www.IRS.gov.

The list above is just a few of the items on the checklist; visit the Equifax Finance blog and read the article to see even more documents that may be required. Additional documentation may be required beyond what is even in the checklist; consult a tax professional if you have any questions about documentation.

Read the Equifax Finance blog for more tips on taxes, insurance, retirement, identity theft protection, credit, real estate, savings and more.

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