Atlanta home remodelingHave you ever seen the show What Not To Wear on TLC? Well, this week Cardinal Construction is putting our own spin on things with What Not To Do: Atlanta home remodeling edition.

Of course, we love having input from the homeowners we work with, but there comes a time when doing too much can actually hurt your remodeling project. Here’s a few homeowner don’ts:

  • Delay decisions: To guarantee your project runs smoothly and on time and on budget, it’s best to make every single decision before the remodeling work starts. There will still be a few situations or changes that will have to be addressed during the project, but having a solid design and plan of action will help.
  • Change your decisions (too much): We know that it’s pretty much unavoidable for you to not change your mind about a decision you’ve made at some point in the renovation process, but keep in mind changes always come with added costs.
  • Buy your own materials: While you may think you can outsmart your contractor or builder by buying your materials, Atlanta custom homechances are our connections will actually help us get a lower price.

There are also a few dos that homeowners should keep in mind:

  • Listen to your contractor: You’ve hired us to help you, so let us. While you may envision one thing or another for your Atlanta custom home, be sure to listen to the advice and suggestions your contractor makes.
  • Set up an emergency fund: In most cases, projects can stay on budget pretty easily, but there are always emergencies or glitches that your wallet needs to be prepared to handle.
  • Go with the flow (of your house): When planning out your dream renovation, be sure to keep the style of your house in mind. Just like you wouldn’t wear sneakers with a suit, your Victorian-style home doesn’t need an ultra sleek kitchen.

Hopefully these do’s and don’ts of home remodeling will help your next project run a lot more smoothly!

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