dangers of unpaid medical billsProtecting your property from loss is just one reason to have

homeowners insurance. But what happens if someone gets injured while visiting your Atlanta real estate? In her recent article for the Equifax Finance Blog, “

Homeowners Insurance: Someone Gets Hurt On Your Property” Linda Rey gives some tips and advice on what to do if someone gets hurt on your property.

Having an up-to-date homeowners insurance policy provides you with an attorney on retainer who will defend you if you are sued because someone gets hurt on your property. Because accidents do happen it is important to know what actions to take if someone is injured while visiting.

The first thing you need to do is assess the extent of the injuries and determine if you should call 911 for emergency assistance. Then depending on your relationship with the injured person, you should consider contacting the police so both parties can make statements.

Next you should take photos of the injuries if at all possible, and pictures of the area of your property where the accident occurred to show the condition of the property.

If the injured party is merely looking for reimbursement of medical costs, it could be a far better scenario than if the injured party decides to sue you or claim damages beyond what your insurance policy covers.

As always, call your insurance agent to discuss the situation and get guidance on how to handle it. An agent can help you much better if he or she knows about any injuries or potential claims right when they happen.

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