The drought conditions in Georgia has caused the director of the state EPD to declare a Level Two drought. This puts the following schedule into play:

  • Odd numbered addresses can water Tue, Thur & Sun from midnight to 10 a.m.
  • Even numbered addresses can water on Mon, Wed & Sat from midnight to 10 a.m.

New construction & landscaping must follow the same schedule, but can water any time of day for the first 30 days after planting. For more information, visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The lack of rain in Georgia is sure to have a financial impact on all of us as we water plantings, replace plantings and pay higher prices for commodoties affected by lack of rain. I just paid 2.5% more for hay for my horses. I had to have it shipped in from another state. No rain means no grass in the pasture which means we have to feed hay. This is GREATLY impacting cattle farmers.

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