The International Builders Show has concluded and featured hundreds of exhibitors showcasing new trends and products. Kitchen and bath products were well represented with water saving technology and more convenient features for your home.

Many innovations in shower heads were on display including Delta’s proprietary H2Okinetic Technology® which creates a warmer and more luxurious shower experience. The new technology produces a blanket of water over the body while using much less water than traditional shower heads. The secret ingredient to the H2Okinetic Technology is that it produced larger droplets that retain heat longer which provides a relaxing massage effect. Not only does it provide a more enjoyable showering experience, it is also quieter than conventional showers and can provide substantial water savings (1.5 gallons of water per minute produces the effect of 2.5 gallons per minute) which can result in up to 36% decrease in water usage.

Another new product on display was Kohler’s Flipside handshower featuring their Flipstream™ technology offering an easy and affordable upgrade to your shower. Instead of a single sprayface of a traditional shower, the Flipside offers four different spray options just by a simple flip of its axis. The hand shower features are much more flexible than a fixed shower head and is ideal for users of all ages and those with limited hand mobility. The four spray features a great variety including a traditional, relaxing, drenching and massaging options which will easily appeal to everyone.

Exhibitors at the show were also displaying an abundance of upgraded kitchen features including new kitchen faucet features. If you have ever experienced two full hands or messy fingers while trying to turn on or off your kitchen faucet, then Touch2O® Technology by Delta may be your answer. This new technology allows you to tap on the handle to start the flow or stop the flow of water in your kitchen faucet.

For those conservation enthusiasts, this technology can also help you conserve water by allowing you to easily stop and start the flow of water with a simple tap on the body or faucet. And if for any reason you forget to shut off the faucet, it comes equipped with a four minute shut-off system when it detects for activity. Another appealing feature is this new technology can be combined with a new trend in kitchen faucets, the Pull-down faucet providing more convenience.

Another pull-out faucet option is Kohler’s new Elate kitchen faucet which incorporates ProMotion™ technology. The faucet is extremely versatile and offers three different functions including spray, aerate and convenient pause option. Another great feature is when the faucet is fully extended you can easily us the faucet outside the sink area providing amazing convenience while cooking or cleaning. If water conservation is on your mind, Kohler Co. was chosen by the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program as the Manufacturing Partner of the Year for the second year in a row.

The common themes to the new products and trends for kitchen faucets and showers on display at the International Builders show include water conservation efforts, convenience, comfort and affordability. To view more exhibitors and trends, visit

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