Warmup is taking its in floor heating to the outdoors. The world’s best-selling electric floor heating brand announces its newest line-up of snow melting products. These include the COMMBOX-600 and RESIBOX-240 multi-zone snow melting controllers and AIRsense, a stylish, smart and reliable snow and ice sensor.

“We are excited to add to our snow melting systems,” said Regis Verliefde, CEO of Warmup. “We offer the best outdoor solutions on the market, and these products just exemplify that. They are user-friendly, energy efficient, time-saving and cost effective.

The COMMBOX-600 and RESIBOX-240 are “plug and play” controlled power distribution panels for frost protection, ice and snow melting applications.

When receiving a signal from the snow sensor(s), the COMMBOX-600 activates the contactors energizing the heating elements in up to five zones while the RESIBOX-600 works in up to four zones.

Each product includes automatic power, sequencing that allows for sharing of the minimum required power supply, multiple snow sensor inputs, integrated electronic controller with backlit display and an adjustable hold-on time to keep the outputs to the zones active to ensure complete snow melting.

Installed outdoors, the AIRsense can connect to either snow melting controller and provides the temperature value and the snow detection based on adjustable parameters. This data is then sent via the controller to the heating system.

The AIRsense’s plastic ‘igloo’ shape design helps to assure reliable snow and ice detection as it prevents snow from accumulating around the sensing area. The four holes around the sensors were designed to hold the anti nesting spikes, keeping birds away from the sensor. It also helps to keep the sensing area clean from dust and dirt during summer time and when the snow melting system is not in use.

“We’ve released the new products now because it’s the best time to install them,” explained Verliefde. “Call for a quote today to save fuss during next year’s snow.”

For more information, call 1-888-927-6333 or visit www.warmup.com.

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